Valentine’s Gift Ideas

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Growing up, I remember Valentine’s Day always being pretty special to me in our house. On the morning of Valentine’s Day, my parents would always have a special little gift for me (normally pink of some sort), a card and breakfast waiting for me on the table in the kitchen. I loved this tradition of something little, but meaningful in my day. This is pretty much how the Clarke house operates as well; Valentine’s Day is low key and we love it. You can typically find us exchanging cards, a possible small gift and candy in the morning followed up by pizza and a movie at home.


Last year, our day looked a little different since we went to Passion Conference, but I am looking forward to a nice, normal Valentine’s Day this year. & let’s be honest, Kevin has it easy this year – candy makes this preggo girl just as happy as anything on this gift idea list. What are some of your Valentine’s Day traditions? Any special plans this year?


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Proverbs 31:25 Onesie + Giveaway

bclarkestyle copy

Its that time again this week! Welcome to the second post of #bclarkestyle features. This week, I am pleased to introduce you to The Little Bag of Tricks. Boy moms, don’t click away just yet, because this post is for you too! The Little Bag of Tricks offers onesie and tshirt styles for little girls and boys. I was first introduced to The Little Bag of Tricks through and where I saw her beautiful, eye-catching onesies on display.


I fell in love with this Proverbs 31:25 onesie they had on Etsy, and now that I have gotten to speak with the owners, I love the story behind the onesie even more. Owner, Jessica, says “The inspiration for this onesie actually came from a journey that I and another owner here have been on over the last year. We have been learning to really know who God made us to be, that we are beautiful, wonderful and His chosen. So many of us grow up trying to measure up to everyone around us. We want mom’s, dad’s and children to know who they are and who they were created to be.”

Bible Verse Onesie

This is just one of the many products they have to offer (see picture below of a few others) – I encourage you to follow them via Facebook and Instagram for product updates! A few weeks ago, they offered gold mirrored name onesies that were so ADORABLE!! I cannot wait to see our little miss in her Proverbs 31:25 onesie and matching headband. The girly-girl in me also has to mention their “Glitter Emergency Pills“. They can be used to add an extra little bit of sparkle to someones day, celebrate a birthday, congratulate a coworker, etc the possibilities are endless.


I think I love them the most because they remind me of “pixie dust” my parents use to put in my pocket for good luck on test days or when I was stressed about going to school when I was little. It was an extra bit of confidence for my day that I still remember today so many years later.

Proverbs 3125 Onesie

& to sweeten the deal, The Little Bag of Tricks is offering 50% with promo code SIMPLYCLARKE until 2/13, and has offered to giveaway a tee or onesie of choice to one of you. Enter below to win:

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5 Tips for Better Communication in Marriage

5 Tips For Better Communication in MarraigeWe are constantly communicating throughout our day. Its actually crazy if you think about all of the forms of communication we have – mail, phone, email, FaceTime, social media, in-person… the list goes on. And, we all know that our communication can become distorted, especially if its not face-to-face where you can here someone’s tone.


With all of the forms of communication available to us, you would think that we would be better at communicating; however, I tend to lean toward the contrary. I think we have more conversations, but not necessarily as deep or effective. We have all kinds of things trying to win over our time and attention. For instance, the other night I was on my laptop sending out an email, while simultaneously scrolling through Instagram on my phone and Kevin was playing a video game, while watching the Australian Open. While all of this was taking place, I actually tried to have a conversation with him about baby stuff. Neither of us was completely paying attention to the other and while the “conversation” took place, it wasn’t necessarily effective. Does that make sense?


Now imagine that same scenario if I would have brought up a touchy subject, it easily could have exploded into an argument just because of the timing and lack of attention. I think we could all stand to improve our communication and my first real tip would be to ASK your spouse. Yep, ASK THEM how you could communicate better with them, and then maybe pick up a tip or two below.


5 Tips for Better Communication in Marriage

  1. Eliminate Distractions: Distractions come in many forms: technology, kids, cooking, noises, to-do lists and work are just a few. When you are starting a conversation, ask yourself what distractions you could eliminate to make it more effective. When we eliminate distractions, we are less likely to have misunderstandings and way more willing to listen to the other person with our full attention. Doing this tip alone will help cut down miscommunication a TON!!
  2. Adjust your Mindset: Mindset is key when you are communicating, especially if you are communicating about a topic you may not agree about. Take your time and make sure you are in the right mindset before starting the conversation. You want your walls to be down with your spouse so that you can be completely open and honest. Also, taking time can help eliminate any high emotions which could escalate the conversation. I try to make sure I am in a “soft-hearted” mindset as well, if my heart is hard or upset still, I try to readjust so that we can understand each other better.
  3. Actively Listen: If we are honest, when we are communicating with others, most of the time we are thinking about what we are going to say next. Someone pointed this out to me a year ago and I realized how true it really was. I noticed that I do this in conversations with co-workers, friends and family and not just my spouse. Listening doesn’t mean hearing the other person and preparing what you are going to say next, it means clearing your mind and truly taking in what the other person in saying.
  4. Perspective: If you are actively listening, it might take you a little bit longer to respond that is perfectly fine. I think this gives you time to think about the other persons response or perspective and really try to understand. It is easy to get tunnel vision and only see things your way. Having an open mind can help in the communication process.
  5. Don’t React: You are not always going to agree. Every conversation is not going to go well. Sometimes, you have to take time to think and come up with a compromise. The best tip I have is not be reactionary and raise your voice or tone. You may both need to think about things and continue the conversation tomorrow when someone has an idea for a solution.

Hopefully you can take something from these tips and apply it to your communication skills with your spouse! I would love to know if you have any other tips that help you communicate more effectively with your husband (comment below if you do so others can benefit).


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Week 24 Bumpdate

Week 24Week 24 Bumpdate


size of the baby: Cantaloupe – 10.5 -11.8 inches


total weight gain: 14 pounds or less probably this week


gender: Little Miss


maternity clothes: loving my maternity leggings and jeans per usual and starting to need to go shopping for some longer tops! Yikes!


movement: I feel like I keep saying this but feeling her move is seriously the best part. I love feeling her throughout the day.


sleep: Slept really good this week and a lot. I had a stomach bug early in the week so I got a ton of sleep the next two days recovering. No fun.


nursery: I am anxiously waiting to put her crib together. We had a busy weekend and then I was sick, so now its just a matter of when I can convince Kevin to put together her crib!


craving: nothing really this week. stomach bug took my appetite.


symptoms: I feel like i’m constantly getting up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night. Thank you baby girl.


kevin is: loving messing with me about not putting the crib together yet. We will see how long he holds out/how quick I can convince him to set it up! & he actually got off on time for the first time in months – yay for semi having my husband back!


looking forward to: baby shower planning coming up and all kinds of fun events on the horizon. I feel like the spring is going to fly by.


best moments: My cousins were in town this weekend, so I had a lot of fun getting to spend time with them. I also pre-registered for the hospital and that was semi-exciting (really nothing was too exciting about it except checking it off my to-do list). I still need to call and schedule our hospital tour and sign us up for classes. Oh, and I also bought an adorable Kate Spade diaper bag this week! I was really set on using a handbag as a diaper bag, but the salesperson helped talked me into a traditional diaper bag and I am super happy with my decision.


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Baby Style Series + Giveaway

bclarkestyle copyHappy Thursday! Today marks the first day of a new series I am doing called “B. Clarke Style”. Over the next few months until little miss is born, I will be featuring some of my favorite baby shops and holding giveaways for awesome prizes!

Isla & Lily

Today I am excited to introduce you to Isla & Lily. I stumbled upon Jessica’s etsy shop and immediately swooned over all of the headbands she had to offer. At this point, I didn’t know the gender of our sweet baby, so I favorited her shop on Etsy and knew I would be returning if we found out we were having a girl. Sure enough, after we found out our little miss was in fact a miss, I went straight to Isla & Lily. I am pretty sure headbands will be my weakness having a girl, I just love so many of them and want them all!

Baby Girl HeadbandsBaby Headband

Aren’t these so adorable?! & after talking with Jessica, the shop owner, I fell even more in love. She is a mom of soon-to-be 2 girls and super sweet. I love how personal her shop instagram is, you can just see her fun personality shine through.

Gold Headband Summer Baby Headband

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