15 Week Bumpdate

IMG_4507 - Version 315 Week Bumpdate


size of the baby: Navel Orange – 4 inches


total weight gain: 4 pounds (i think, I don’t really have a scale lol so i’m guessing!)


gender: Still unknown. I started out with a strong conviction that it’s a girl, but the past week I have been wondering if it’s a boy. So really, at this point, who knows!


maternity clothes: Same. Same. Two pairs of pants and normal other clothes. I really miss shopping. I feel like I’m in an awkward stage because I don’t want to buy too many things and them end up not fitting in two weeks or so. The struggle is real.


movement: Last week I mentioned that I randomly would feel a little uncomfortable in places/fluttering and I am pretty convinced its the little now. We will see though.


sleep: I seemed to wake up more this week in the middle of the night and the weird dreams are constant. I’m ready for those to be over, I am not use to dreaming this much.


missing: My familia.


craving: mexican food. pancakes. sweetarts. mozzarella sticks.


symptoms:  Nausea was present a lot this week, however, my face seemed to be clearing up a little bit. I have been breaking out like crazy since I have been pregnant.


kevin is: so much more patient than me. He is so content waiting three more weeks to find out if its a boy or girl, but I’m going crazy. I am ready to know now.


looking forward to: thanksgiving with our family next week and our doctors appointment! Also, the yummy food on thanksgiving. Mashed potatoes sound extremely good right now.


best moments: We got some of our Gender Reveal party decor stuff in the mail and I am working on planning out more details. We also had a pretty busy week still so getting a date night to ourselves Tuesday night was wonderful. We rarely have time for solo date nights, especially during the week, so it was really, really fun.


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MiMi’s The Look For Less Giveaway

All Black Outfit

Mimi's The Look

Long Black Top

Mimi's The Look for Less

Today is a blacked out kind of Wednesday with Mimi’s the Look for Less. There are a lot of reasons I love this top, the number one reason being how big and flow it is! I am seriously thinking I will be able to wear this top all throughout my pregnancy. I also love that is light enough that I won’t get super hot, but isn’t totally see through so I don’t need an undershirt with it. Plus, black makes you look skinny, right? I’m in that awkward stage of not really looking totally pregnant but not looking skinny either (hehe) so I appreciate the black.


Okay, enough about this top in particular and onto Mim’s the Look! You know I love introducing you to new boutiques and this one is no different; except they have great sales on different days of the week, I love it! They have a great selection of tops, bottoms, dresses and jackets. Right now, I am loving this Keystone Printed Sweater they have in their new arrivals. Adorable. & to share the love, they are offering 20% your purchase with promo code CLARKE and giving away $50 to their shop below! Head on over to Mimi’s the Look to use the promo code and enter to win below:

top | mimi’s the look
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Everyday Looks – Quick, Easy Curls for Long Hair

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IMG_4204-682x1024 copy

Let’s be honest, this post title should really be Everyday Looks – Quick and Easy Curls Tutorial for Long Hair that is VERY thick. My main problem with my thick hair is that everything takes forever. Drying my hair takes ages and I absolutely love curling my hair, however, it takes a century to section it all out. On top of that, I normally end up burning my fingers a few times in the process. Its a real struggle. I am constantly searching for hair dryers that shorten my dry time while not damaging my hair too much in the process. It is hard trade off, because normally a dryer that will dry my hair quickly produces a ton of heat, which damages my hair more. However, I heard great things about some new Conair products, so I set off to Walmart on a mission.


IMG_4219Tools I grabbed:

  • Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Brushless Motor Dryer
  • Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret®
  • Conair 90 pack Bobby Pins
  • Conair Velvet Paddle Brush

IMG_3848 Step One. I used the Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Brushless Motor Dryer to dry my hair. This hairstyling tool dried my hair in about the same amount of my time as my current high-powered dryer. This really shocked me, because when I turned on the dryer the lower temperature had me questioning if it was really going to work well on my hair. I was so wrong, not only did it dry my hair in a quick fashion, but the lower temperature minimized heat damage leaving my hair feeling smooth without as much frizz as normal. IMG_4167Step Two. I am also extremely picky about my brush. I have had the same brush since high school (sorry I know that is gross, I clean it I swear). I just haven’t been able to find another paddle brush I like as much. But, I decided to try the Conair Velvet Paddle brush because it looked so appealing. After my hair was dry, I brushed through my hair and started my first inch section of hair. IMG_4171

Step Three. I used the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret® to curl my hair. The idea behind the product is genius. It is virtually impossible to burn yourself! All you have to do is place a half-inch to an inch strand of hair into the chamber and the tool draws your hair in the chamber, curls it for a few seconds and then beeps consecutively when it is finished. I opened the chamber after I heard two beeps (this seemed to be the perfect timing for my hair) and out came a perfect curl!

before_after1 before_after2

Step Four. Enjoy all the extra time on your hands, because the Infiniti Pro by Conair® Curl Secret® leaves you with effortless curls in no time at all! It reduced my curling time by over 50%. That is so huge in the morning when I am rushing to work.


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Texas Snowball Fight with Northpole Gifts

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This time of year whenever I am home alone and watching tv, I tend to find myself on the Hallmark Channel watching their great collection of original Christmas films. It has basically become a tradition, and this year has been no different, I have been hooked on A Princess for Christmas and A Cookie Cutter Christmas. Plus, this weekend was the debut of another great film, Northpole.


And along with the darling film, Hallmark has a line of Northpole Gifts available at Walmart that are truly fun for all ages. I know they are really suppose to be for kids, but lets face it, sometimes adults need a fun night where they can act like kids too! Enter in a great read of “Once Upon A Northpole Christmas” by the fire mixed with a snowball fight. This book is simply adorable and comes with a Find Me, Santa! Snowflake, so that Santa will know where you are on Christmas. I bought this book with plans on gifting it, but now I really want to keep it to read to our little next year on their 1st Christmas.

IMG_4232I mentioned snowball fight. These light up magic snowballs are my favorite!! All you do is throw them and they magically light up. They are perfect for an adult Texas snowball fight indoors (in a room with non-breakables of course). They are plush so they don’t hurt when you get hit and it just so much in the dark watching them fly across the room.


My next favorite item is the Avalauncher. When I saw this on the shelf, I immediately thought indoor snowball fight as well. They great thing about the Avaluancher is that it also came with these standup targets so you could work on your shot. This made my imagination start flying again like a kid about how to place them throughout the house in difficult places to try to hit.


Doesn’t the Avalauncher just look cool? It even has a spot that helps you aim on top. I could see this being a really fun indoor game for a cold, winter day. IMG_4255

I just absolutely love Christmas and can’t wait to start incorporating some of our current traditions and new ones once our little is here! I am just so excited for this time of year. Such great memories around the Holidays!


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14 Week Bumpdate

Week 1414 Week Bumpdate


size of the baby: Lemon! 3.4 inches – its really blowing my mind.


total weight gain: 4 pounds


gender: Still unknown but counting down the days until we found out. I just really can’t wait! Its the best anticipation but I just wish it was a little closer.


maternity clothes: I am still rocking my normal clothes plus two pairs of maternity jeans. I am pretty sure I will be in those for a while. I don’t seem to be putting on too much weight yet, plus I have a lot of big sweaters for winter. I may add another maternity jean though, they are just so comfortable.


movement: Nada. Although, randomly I feel a little uncomfortable in places/fluttering and I keep wondering if its the little flip flopping around.


sleep: I have been sleeping a lot better this week. I have still been having weird dreams but not waking up as much at all.


missing: Nothing really this week. All is good in the neighborhood.


craving: Queso. Chocolate Doughnuts.


symptoms: I thought my nausea had pretty much gone away, but I was really wrong. It came back with fury this week.


kevin is: still really excited – nothing really new this week!


looking forward to: this week being done. It is one of my busiest weeks at work and I am looking forward to it finishing up and the Holidays being so close. I am ready for next appointment and seeing all our family. 


best moments: Decided on a theme for our Gender Reveal Party, designed the invitations and got them put in the mail. It’s getting close and I am really looking forward to it.


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