Baby Registry Favorites

Baby Registry Favorites

1. Ubbi Diaper Pail | 2. ZoLi Buzz B Nail Trimmer | 3. 4moms MamaRoo | 4. Solly Baby Wrap | 5. Nuna Pipa Car Seat | 6. Comotomo Baby Bottle | 7. WubbaNub | 8. Ruffle Bodysuit | 9.  Aden & Anais Swaddling Blankets | 10. Motorola Video Baby Monitor | 11. Elle Bowtique Headbands | 12.  Baby Blanket | 13. Nuna Pepp Stroller | 14. Chicco Lullaby Playard | 15. Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Gift Set


Our very first baby shower is in 2 days and it feels so surreal. I think I still pinch myself sometimes that all of this is even happening. I feel so incredibly blessed to call Kevin my husband and now, Brooke, my daughter. Each milestone is another step closer to holding her in our arms and that is an incredible thought. I am overwhelmed with excitement for the weekend of celebrating Brooke with our family and friends.


I figured it would be appropriate to share my baby registry favorites today and see what some of yours are as well! Mama’s and soon-to-be mama’s, what are your must haves?? I would love to hear from you.


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KTJ Baby Bibs


Love, love, love this combination of prints! I found this precious onesie at Nordstrom the other day and had to have it. And this adorable bandana bib is from KTJBaby.


KTJBaby offers modern, unique baby bibs, burp cloths, and baby blankets that are each 100% cotton. The journey for KTJBaby began with an urge to deviate from the typical baby blue and pale pink baby items.  Their goal was to provide something modern, distinctive and trendy. In their line, you will find modern patterns, bright colors, and trendy looks that will suit your baby and will be practical. On top of that, these unique items will not be in the average mom’s stash, so your baby will be the coolest kid in school.

IMG_3512All of their products are made in a pet free and smoke free home. On top of that, KTJBaby bibs are designed with plastic snaps over metal as they are more gentle on the skin. Along with this, the plastic snaps are used over velcro as this makes machine washing a breeze. All bibs and burp cloths are high quality, low maintenance and reversible. Make sure to follow along via Facebook or Instagram to see what new items appears on a daily and weekly basis. And, because they are so awesome, use promo code MARQUIS10 for 10% off your purchase. & enter to win a bandana bib of choice from their shop.

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4 Ways To Be Best Friends With Your Husband

best friends with your husbandKevin is my very best friend.

He makes me laugh.

I want to spend all my time with him.

He is my safe place.

He is my Number One Fan.

I often find myself telling Kevin that he is my best friend. I am not really sure where it happened along the way (I’m assuming really early on), but he became my very best friend. I also feel very fortunate and blessed to say after over 9 years, that he is still my very best friend. I am not naive enough to think that this is the case for everyone. I know it is very real that marriages are struggling and even ones close to me. I have read countless emails of marriages where they feel like complete strangers. I have sat with friends who feel like they have lost connections with their husband. That is real life. That is reality. Marriages are hurting. People are struggling through. & it breaks my heart.


I don’t have all the answers. I know that relationships are complicated and all very different. However, today I wanted to share 4 ways I believe could help cultivate (or continue to cultivate) friendship with your husband.


1. Laugh together: This might seem obvious, but I truly believe that laughter can be the best medicine. Talk about old stories, watch a funny movie, talk about a silly subject – have fun. In the midst of our day to  day life, we can get too focused on talking about serious things like bills, kids, work, etc and not take enough time to just have fun together and forget about all the serious stuff for a little bit.


2. Do things you both enjoy: Think Date Night. If you are both super busy, you might need to actually plan weekly or bi-weekly date nights just for the two of you. However, I tend to love normal day to day things the best. For instance, I love watching and playing video games with Kevin (We are nerds), but I love dinner dates too! Every once in a while, I also suggest doing something completely new. Kevin and I went to a glow in the dark miniature golf place a few months ago and had the best time! Neither of us are huge mini-golf/golf people, but it was just fun to do something new.


3. Share secrets: I love moments in bed where Kevin and I can just talk. Communication is so key and not the day to day, but really talking and sharing your heart. I like to think of middle school for this example, your best friend knew all your secrets. Now, you get to have slumber parties every night with your best friend and share secrets. perfection.


4. Show love to one another:  Love really makes the world go around and I think everyone wants to feel loved to some degree. We might all like to feel it in different ways – through words, actions, kisses, hugs, gifts, etc – but it is important. Make sure you are showing your husband love.


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Her Name Is….


Kevin and I didn’t really talk seriously about baby names until we found out the gender of our little one. In the past, we had thrown names out there just messing around, and then when I got pregnant, we joked about various names, but the “serious” convo didn’t happen until the night of our gender reveal. Then from there, her first name was pretty easy.


I have always loved the name Brooke, and I mentioned it before when Kevin and I were talking. Basically, we decided on “Brooke” in less than a minute. Her middle name however, is what has been taking us so long to announce her name. We have gone back and forth about her middle name for the past two months. We thought of two that we really liked, but really didn’t like one more than the other. Finally, last week, we decided on:


Brooke Nicole Clarke

IMG_3503I couldn’t be more excited to finally have her name in place! I love calling her by her name and I can’t wait to have a lot of her stuff monogramed. Speaking of monograms – You may have noticed this gorgeous organic blanket with her name on it from Atkinson Drive. It matches Brooke’s room so perfectly and I can’t wait to swaddle her in it!! It is super soft and comfy. I am planning on using it some of her newborn pictures as well.


Atkinson Drive also makes adorable personalized leggings, headbands, and bibs. Did I mention she is a fellow blogger as well at I have loved following along her blog and social media, especially her Instagram. Make sure to check her out and enter to win a small personalized swaddling blanket of your own below!

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Meet Juvy Jewels + Giveaway

Juvy JewelsHappy Sunday Everyone! Today, I wanted to introduce you to one of my awesome sponsors, Juvy Jewel’s. Juvy Jewels has a new line of jewelry that features fabric pendants (another name for covered buttons). The owner, Cyndee, happens to be a woman of God, who attends the same church as me here in San Antonio. Her love for buttons began when a family friend, while closing his general store, gave her a fifteen pound bag of buttons…antique, vintage, retro, glass, lucite, plastic, metal, and fabric…all shapes and sizes. After hours searching through the little treasures, categorizing, finding mates, and imagining their stories – pieces for the collection were born.


Cyndee has a love of vintage linens and is especially excited about her new pieces that are made out of pretty printed feed sacks, which was a concept introduced in the 1920’s.  She loves how they fit so well with the flowered boho styles that are so popular today.


Her oldest granddaughter didn’t care much for jewelry (even the jewelry that her grandmother had made her), until she put on one of the first handmade covered button necklaces and proclaimed, “I’m a princess!”  Yay!!!


Little girls have a special place in Cyndee’s heart, as she is a grandmother to two precious little ones.  She believes that God works through babies in wonderful ways.  In fact, when her own daughter was just a baby, the sense of responsibility and the desire to be a good mom lead her to an inward search to Jesus.

Make sure to use promo code SBC15 for 15% your order and enter to win $25 to her shop below!
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