The Bouqs Flower Review

IMG_3162 IMG_3163The Bouqs is a brand new way to order flowers online. They ship them directly to you from the farm via FedEx, which keeps the flowers at their freshest when they get to you, because they haven’t sat in a warehouse. Plus, did I mention they are awesome South American flowers picked from the side of an active volcano? Yep, an active volcano. The Bouqs have over 80+ different beautiful flower options and it is super easy to order from them. There are no hidden fees and free shipping! They have three different price point options at $40, $50 and $70 which get you a ton of flowers.


My bouq came at the perfect time last week. We found out that my aunt unexpectedly passed away on Tuesday, so the flowers being delivered on Wednesday were in perfect time to lift my spirits a little.  I got the “dawn” bouq although now I have my eye on the “Boo-quet” for Halloween in a few weeks. Next time you are looking for a fast, easy way to send flowers, check out The Bouqs or beautiful arrangements full of color and perfection.


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Beso by Johanna Giveaway

IMG_3121 - Version 2



BC_PENNY_bag1Beso by Johanna is an adorable shop online that sells unique handbags, jewelry and scarves. I love their handbags like the Penny bag shown above. You can pick which fabric you would like as well, so it’s really customizable. I am also swooning over their Liz bag which is a crossbody bag that still gives you ton of space to put all of your stuff. Also, as you can probably tell above, their Beaded bracelet is great for stacking with other bracelets and watches. They come in sets of 1, 3, or 6 so you can pick your colors you like as well. I choose bronze, cream and aqua for my set but am really wanting a gold one now too. I just love how simple they are and how they go with everything. & today, they are offering 10% off your purchase with promo code CLARKE10 as well as, giving away a set of 3 bracelets. Enter to win below and make sure to go check out their site!!

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4 Habits of a Happy Couple

Whenever I see a couple that is obviously very in love, I wonder what they’re doing every day that keeps their relationship so fresh and happy, no matter old their relationship is. Earlier this week, I observed one of these couples and started thinking about the things I’m doing regularly in my own marriage to make sure every day is a great one and the feeling of romance never dies.Habits of a Happy Couple

Laugh Together

One thing that I really love about my husband is his ability to make me laugh in any situation! Our relationship is silly more often than it is  serious, but it makes life really enjoyable! We have a lot of inside jokes together and we’re really good at laughing at our own mistakes together. I believe that laughter is the best medicine and in my marriage, I’ve seen it break up tension, make a bad day better and bring us closer together.


Talk Together

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship in my opinion. If you aren’t talking to each other often and about a lot of different things, you are missing out on a great opportunity to bond and strengthen your marriage and at the same time, you’re potentially growing apart. I like to find time every day to put away my electronics and focus on my husband so that we can have a good chat and connect with each other a midst our busy lives.


Stay Active Together

After we got married, it was so easy to sit around at home every night, watch our favorite TV shows, eat yummy food and enjoy time together. I quickly learned that doing that leads to laziness and unwanted weight gain. My husband and I got a gym pass and made it a priority to spend an hour there together each night or take a long walk around our neighborhood if the weather was good. Not only does this keep us energized and happy, but it’s been a great way to spend time together away from the distractions of technology.


Date Together

It was important before you were married and it’s even more important after. I look forward to date nights! Our busy and opposite schedules don’t always allow for weekly, scheduled date nights, but we are sure to go out of our way to make them happen when we can. Dinner and a movie, a night at the comedy club, the community theater, and seasonal attractions are some of our favorite things to do together but some nights we only have the energy for Chinese takeout and a Redbox. No matter what we decide to do, we make sure date night is special and gets us out of our normal, every day routine for spending time together.lambertsen-18

What habits do you have to keep your marriage happy?







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5 Ways To Date Your Husband This Fall

5 Ways to Date Your Husband This Fallvia

Kevin and I really don’t get much time to ourselves. Our schedules are quite busy between work and volunteering in College Ministry at church. However, some Thursdays, we get half a day off together and we both cherish that time together. This past Thursday is really the inspiration for my post. I was driving home and realized it had been a really long time since the two of us went on a date together. I know we just came back from vacation a month ago and that was kind of like a week long date but still, we haven’t had a “normal” date in forever. We decided to mend that ASAP with a round of glow in the dark putt-putt golf, cleaning, homemade dinner and some television. It might sound like a strange date day, but for us, it was just perfect.


Our lives tend to get so busy and filled with tasks that we don’t take time to really do things together. Here are 5 ways to date your husband this fall and keep your love fresh.


Be kids again.

Kevin and I choose Glow in the Dark Putt Putt Golf which was super fun. It was simple, cheap and we really enjoyed ourselves. We kept score and cheered each other on – Lets just say I am horrible at it, but it was still really fun. Some other ideas are playing in the leaves, going to see a movie, bumper cars, laser tag, arcade games… really anything fun that gets you out of the house together.


Check something off your list.

We ended up cleaning our whole house together. I know this doesn’t sound like a fun “date” but it really was fun when did it together. We put music on, talked and split up the work so that it got done super fast. It honestly felt so good to check something off of our to-do list together. A chore is way more fun with your best friend.



Classic and not very original I know. Have a meal together. This can be something easily overlooked if you are going through the motions of a week. I know some weeks there are three days in a row where Kevin and I are rushing out the door to go to other things around dinner time. Its nice to sit down and have a special meal together and actually talk around the dinner table. Try this without phones or the television on for a change.



Do something you both enjoy to relax. Kevin and I watched some television, but there are so many other relaxing things you can do together. Sit on your front/back porch and talk, go for a walk, get a massage, or take a drive and stop for your favorite ice cream. Do something that relaxes the both of you and lets you kick your feet up.



Serving together is a great way to bond with each other. Being selfless is huge in marriage and in life, take time and serve others around you in neighborhood or city. Help stock a food pantry, donate items to a local children’s home, help a neighbor in need – open your eyes, see the need, and fill it.


These 5 things might be a little unconventional in terms of dating but have really proved to grow Kevin and I closer together in our relationship.


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