5 Ways To Turn His Bad Day Around

5 Ways To Turn His Bad Day Around

Bad days happen. & if your anything like me, they tend to happen on Mondays. Now, I can handle a bad day with the best of them, but when my Husband is having a bad day, I just want to instantly make it better. I only want good things for him and great days. I know that it is completely not reality, but I still wish it was possible. Over the past nine years, I have learned that sometimes, I can instantly fix a bad day, sometimes it takes a little time, and sometimes it is completely out of my control. Now, something I have really learned is that it takes discernment on your part to know what your husband needs most. It takes learning his personality and listening to what he needs. I will be perfectly honest, I am not always the best at discerning exactly what Kevin needs or putting away my needs to be there for him. I am constantly learning and growing in this area so that I can hopefully be a helpmate to him during rough times. Here a few things I have found to turn your Husband’s bad day around:


Flirt: Leave him a note on the door that says “I’m so glad you are home” or “i love you, I’m excited to see you”. Something that tells him you love him, and that he is home in a safe place now filled with no stress.


Give him space: This tends to be the hardest for me. I don’t like to give Kevin space, I want to be right next to him and show him affection and attention. However, that is not always what he needs. Most of the time, he needs space. Space to watch tv, or work in the yard and just forget about whatever started the bad day.


Listen: Sometimes the best thing you can do is just listen to your husband. I mean really listen, don’t try to fix the issue or give your two cents, just listen. Most of the time when others are talking, we are busy thinking about what we will say next or our opinion instead of really listening. Try it, sometimes, people just need to vent.


Laugh: Over the past six months, I have truly learned that laughter is the best medicine for sad heart. It really does lift your spirits and heal your soul. Put on a funny movie or laugh about memories you have together over dinner. Take some time to just relax and enjoy life.


Speak Life: Speak life and truth into your Husband. Sometimes, it is so easy to get down, that a few positive words of encouragement go a long way. Remind him of the good things in your life and everything you have to be thankful for. You can even make a list of your ABC’s of Thankfulness to help you focus on the good.


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Happy Birthday Dad!

IMG_2510 208233_1007523598286_8884_n

Happy Birthday to the best DAD ever! The picture above is from us fishing in July on my Dad’s new boat and the lower picture is a throwback one of my high school graduation. Dad, you have been there for me through every event in my life and I am so glad I have you on my team. You are the best encourager and shoulder to cry on. I love you very much. I hope you have a great day and I wish I could be there with you celebrating. I am glad Kevin and I got to see you two weekends ago and celebrate early with you though.


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Party, Party

IMG_2904 IMG_2889 IMG_2925 IMG_2937 IMG_2947 IMG_2965 IMG_2988 IMG_3018 IMG_3019

This weekend was filled with non-stop fun and excitement. Friday night, I went to my cousin’s volleyball game that happen to be in town. She looked so cute in her little uniform and I couldn’t believe she was already in high school. It keeps blowing my mind. After the game, my cousin, aunt and I met up with Kevin for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We didn’t end up eating until around 9:45, so I was starving but it was so good to have Roadhouse rolls. Since dinner was so late, we all didn’t get back to our house til around 11:00, so we pretty much all went to sleep. It was really good to get to see my aunt and cousin and catch up on things.


Saturday was pretty eventful as well. After my aunt and cousin left, I spent the afternoon working on blog stuff and answering emails. Then, my friend Lauren picked me up to get ready for our friend Jackie’s birthday dinner. It was Jackie’s 23rd birthday, so a lot of us girls all got dressed up and went to dinner to celebrate. Little did Jackie know, we had also been planning a surprise party for after dinner that included a lot of our guy friends as well. She was completely surprised so that was awesome to see her face.


After a late night Saturday, it was really hard to get up for church Sunday morning. But, Kevin and I really enjoyed church which was followed by a meeting and then by bible study prep at our house. Now, when did I rest? Um…. I didn’t (insert sad face here) Hopefully next weekend I get some rest! I hope your weekend was good!


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My Weekend

Home Tee O Home Tee The O Concept Home Tee

This weekend, I had plans to do absolutely nothing but catch up on blogging and relax at home. As you can see above, the weather is getting a little cooler here in Texas and I even got to sit out on my front porch the other night in my new O Concept Home Tee. However, my plans changed on a dime yesterday and now I am spending tonight at my cousin’s volleyball game and hanging out with my aunt. I also now have a birthday dinner for a friend Saturday and normal church stuff all day Sunday. Truth is, I am VERY excited about my weekend now. I am pumped to get to watch my cousin play tonight and spend tomorrow celebrating a good friend. I know that my body is needing some rest, but I guess it just won’t get it this weekend! What are your plans for the weekend?


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Fab Polish Giveaway

IMG_2839 IMG_2843 IMG_2853

If you have been in Blog World for even a month, you probably know we all love a good “subscription”. Well, today I am here to introduce to you a new monthly subscription called Fab Polish. Fab Polish is exactly what it sounds like, each month, they send you 4 of the newest brand name nail polishes on the market. It is very simple, you sign up for a monthly subscription of $14.99 and they send you the polish each month. You can also cancel at any time so I really like that feature as well. I also love  all the brands they send: OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Orly, Zoya, and Cuccio.


I will say my first box was very appropriate for the season and came with lots of fall colors. However, I will say that I tend to stick to reds and pinks primarily for nails, but I loved this grey color that came in the box. I also liked how it pushed me out of my normal comfort zone a little and gave me a new look for the week.


If you are interested in signing up for a subscription, use promo code “mclarke” to get your first box for only $7.49. Also, enter to win a years worth of polish below!!

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